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JPS organisation development & institutional strengthening (ODIS) team has management experience to critically analyse the existing systems, practices, processes and human resources. The creation or reinforcement of a network of organisations to effectively generate, allocate and use human, material and financial resources to attain specific objectives on a sustainable basis is the bedrock of organisation development. Institutional Strengthening is seen by JPS as measures to improve the performance of an organisation; or in the context of a development intervention: Measures to improve the organisation’s capability to execute selected activities while striving to achieve the objectives of that intervention. JPS has profound knowledge and understanding of how to achieve competitive advantage from developing organisations, building capacities, utilizing, maintaining and compensating their services in tune with the jobs and organizational requirements. A skilled and high-performing workforce creates and sustains an organisation’s success in all sectors. JPS offers services in recruitment & training, performance evaluation, compensation & appraisal management, benefits etc. Based on successful track record of working with many organisations, including national institutions, central government, state governments, local governments, public sector undertakings, banks, international and bi-lateral agencies, JPS can provide effective support on a wide range of people and organisational issues.

Practised Areas of ODIS
  • Policy Development
  • Organisational/Institutional Analysis
  • ODIS Intervention Plans
  • Governance Reviews
  • Organisational Risk Management
  • Organisational and Institutional Development
  • Institutional Strengthening & Capacity Building
  • Organization Design & Restructuring
  • Human Resource Development
  • Strategic Planning and Management
  • Performance Management & Improvement
  • Organisational Learning & Knowledge Management
  • Organisational Renewal
  • Change Management
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Participatory Research, Planning and Design
  • Organisational/Institutional Assessment
  • Policy Support & Advisory Services
  • Facilitating Organisational and Institutional Development Strategies, Processes & Plans
  • Strategic & Business Plans
  • Corporate Plans
  • HR Policy Manuals & Employee Handbooks
  • Manpower Analysis & Planning
  • Competence Mapping
  • Compensation Management
  • Employee Engagement & Organisational Climate Studies
  • National & International Competitiveness Analyses
  • Sector and Value Chain Analyses
  • Change Strategies, Processes & Plans
  • Capacity Assessment and Capacity Development Plans
  • Design & Development of Training Modules and Materials
  • Targeted Capacity Building &Skill Development
  • Training Need Assessment
  • Training & Development

Mr. C. Divakar Dhaveji
Head of Business Unit


Institutional Strengthening & Capacity Building